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As Assos we manufacture and supply marbles, natural stones, tumbled natural stones, polished natural stones, honed natural stones, brushed natural stones, hammered natural stones, nailed finishing natural stones, mosaics, tiles, reliefs, medallions, borders, mouldings, bowls, sinks, shower bases, marble, natural stone, tumbled natural stone, polished natural stone, honed natural stone, brushed natural stone, hammered natural stone, nailed finishing natural stone, mosaic, tile, relief, medallion, border, moulding, bowl, sink, shower base, 3 d mosaics, bar mosaics, brick basket mosaics, brick mosaics, chiseled edge mosaics, circle mosaics, classic mosaics, cross basket mosaics, cross wise mosaics, cubic mosaics, diamond 1 mosaics, diamond 2 mosaics, geo mosaics, glass borders, glass mosaics, hatch mosaics, herringbone mosaics, hexagon mosaics, honeycomb mosaics, large pattern mosaics, luxry mosaics, medium pattern mosaics, midi pattern mosaics, mini pattern mosaics, mix mosaics, mozaikler, new bar mosaics, no joint mosaics, palledien mosaics, pencil mosaics, plaids mosaics, random strip mosaics, river way mosaics, rock mosaics, small pattern mosaics, soley mosaics... Assos Antique Marble, established in 2004 is now one of the leading natural stone manufacturers of Turkey, exporting goods throughout the world. According to the latest researchs Assos Antique Marble is among 5 within 20 most natural stone exporting companies of Turkey. Today Assos Marble is exporting goods to Canada, the USA, France, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Netherlands, England, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Greece, Spain, and even to Italy known as the heart of the sector. It's an obvious fact that, the competition is harsh and increasing every other year in the market. Nevertheless this rough competition, Assos manages to enlarge its customer portfolio with the features of high quality and punctuality. It manufactures mosaics and tiles with tumbled, polished, honed, brushed, hammered, nailed finishings working with dozens of natural stones. Having over 50 kinds of natural stones in color range, Assos provides a high scale production service to the market. Besides, in 2013 Assos Marble put step into the sector of exporting blocks and slabs with the label Assos Mining. Looking at the ascending accelaration and our immense potantial it is can be seen that Assos Mining is assertive about block and slab exportation. Having a capacity of 300.000m2 in natural stone mosaic , around 400.000 m2 in tiles and 30.000 tons in blocks of yearly natural stone exportation Assos enlarges every other year with also the supports of KOSGEB and GMKA. A work of natural stone is like a piece of art. It is something special to the eyes that can understand its value. It comes from the heart of the nature, gets a new shape in the hands and vision manufatures and finds its place with the taste and soul of the ultimate person. Assos Antique Marble owes its incontestable growth and strength to this understanding. It kindly takes what nature gives , gives hearth and brain to the the forming and aims to reach this to the desire of this ultimate person. This is also the reason why Assos has such a wide product range. The natural stone is a gift and Assos Antique Marble does it's best to share this gift with the world in as many ways.

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